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121 Touch App

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This app was designed to solve a very common issue with contact sharing within a group. 

 We often attend conferences/meetings/hangouts and end up meeting a bunch of interesting people, who would like to stay in touch for some reason or the other. Some of these contacts become good and important contacts in future some just lose context over time. 

This app aims to make the process of acquiring a group of contacts easier and holding on to them with some context as to how you acquired them without having to create contacts on your own for individual member in the group.

In current scenario, if we want contact number of a group of people we have to painfully add all their details individually on our phones, and these can later be shared with the others in the group via various means. But, this may lead to lot of errors and be quite painful too.



121 touch app, creates a hub where individuals in a group can join and while joining share their own contacts. This way the hub has all the contacts from the group and the person who has joined can download all the contacts to his phone. So one gets all the contacts without having to input any details and since the individual contacts are created by the person himself the margin of error in details is low. 



 Developed by: Cybersurf India Pvt. Ltd.

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