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Crest Design for Indian Air Force Helicopter Unit

To begin, am an Army brat. In fact I can say I have a long connection with Indian Defence Services. My father and brother are from the Indian Army, my uncle and brother-in-law are in the Indian Air Force and well I happen to be married to an Indian Naval Officer.  Guess that explains why I travel and move base so much and work remotely.

One of the perks of having a defence family is when they have some work that needs design input you get to jump right in. This is not my first stint, but for the lack for digital copies of the previous work I am unable to share the same.

Anyways, recently I got a chance to digitise and add some changes to the crest of an Indian Airforce Helicopter Unit (thanks to brother-in-law).

Well the work that looked easy to begin with did turn out to be a nightmare that lasted good 8-9 months with lots of changes and amendments and trying to stick to the Govt. mandated rules and numbers. They have rules for almost everything, like the size of Ashok Stambh, to the overall size of each and every component that goes in, the number of leaves and flowers in the wreath etc. The list is long. However, after 6-7 months of going back and forth, here it is finally.

The final design for the crest.
The final design for the crest.

I am somehow not able to extract the best quality image. I wonder why 🙂

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